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WelcomeSprintWebSMS is an indigenous Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Company in Nigeria. With strength in mobile telephony, mobile marketing and bulk messaging

SprintWebSMS enables individuals, educational institutions, businesses, organizations, governments, and communities to take advantage of our fast mobile communication platform to send bulkSMS using the most efficient and equally cheap means for communication. Our SMS gateway is reliable, fast and efficient.

Features of Our SMS Platform

Our SMS Platform is world class. Because we believe in excellent service delivery and high level of professionalism, we are using the most reliable international gateways. These gateways allow our clients to send bulk SMS with the speed of light to any part of Africa and beyond with ease. Every message is customizable and can be scheduled for delivery at a later time. Other features are highlighted below.

  • FREE SMS credits upon registration
  • Send customized SMS messages
  • Schedule SMS for later delivery
  • Type recipient numbers in any format e.g 08080000000, +2348080000000 , 2348080000000
  • Upload recipient numbers from file in different formats
  • Automatic removal of repeated numbers to save your credit
  • Automatic removal of invalid recipient numbers to save your credit
  • Create SMS phone-book and Groups
  • Type or Upload your addresses to phone-book from different file types.
  • View all Sent SMS (Outbox)
  • Our SMS units do not expire. You can use them anytime.
Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is the cheapest, most convenient and most effective means of sending message across to lots of people at the same time. Messages can also be customized with unique sender ID like the ones sent by the banks.

This service is been used by an increasing numbers of organizations ,both big and small. From financial institution to Oil industries, Tertiary institution to small private and public school. The reason is not far fetched. Simply put most efficient cost effective way of passing information across.

Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send & receive text messages to and from mobile telephones.  By using a bulk sms gateway, individuals and companies can deliver bulk SMS worldwide quickly, cheaply and reliably.

SprintWebSMS provides the best bulk messaging service in the country and we are one of the world leaders. Our premium routes, cheap pricing and excellent service delivery make us stand out.


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